Monday, August 29, 2011

Wolf Dawn by Susan Cartwright

Watercolor painting for cover of Wolf Dawn

Well this is a bit of a different painting for me. My wife has recently published her first science fiction and fantasy book and guess who she got to do the cover for her!

If you like Science Fiction and Fantasy you can read a little bit about her story on her website:

Happy painting,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Beginners Painting

I have just started putting together some demonstrations and articles for beginner watercolor artists. Basically it will be like a beginners guide to watercolor and will mainly cover the topics I tackle with my students in about the first 6 weeks of class.

The first demonstration uses only two colors, so the student can concentrate more on technique rather than color mixing.

It is one of the very first paintings I have my new students do. It teaches them some useful skills and hopefully gives them a little painting to take home. It is usually painted on 1/16th sheet.

Here is a picture of the finished watercolor painting:

Simple watercolor painting of a beach scene

Future articles and demonstrations will include color mixing, painting rocks, painting trees, different edges you can paint with a round watercolor brush (already done), how to use a spray bottle, how to paint with splatter, using masking and candle wax, etc

Happy Painting,

Joe Cartwright

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Watercolor Techniques: edges, wet on wet, dry brush, etc.

I am currently producing a series of articles and demonstrations that will make up a Beginner's Guide to Watercolor Painting.
The Breakaway, Windsor, NSW

The first in this series, which will appear under the Watercolor Techniques section of my Painting With Watercolors website, covers the subject of the different types of edges we create as artists in general and watercolor artists in particular.

My reason for creating this section is because I often have the challenge of taking on new students and integrating them with my more experienced ones. This sometimes has me running around doing multiple demonstrations (all be is some are very basic) for the students at different levels. My idea is that in the future I can sit a student down in front of a computer screen and they can catch up as need by following the techniques on my site. I will also have some very basic videos done of the types of exercises and paintings my beginner watercolor artists do.

Happy painting,

Joe Cartwright