Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early Morning on Bridge Street, Melbourne

Watercolor of Bridge Street, Melbourrne, Australia
This is my most recent painting. It is a urban scene of a street in Melbourne, Australia. I have painted this watercolor scene a number of times and enjoy the challenge of creating the feeling of depth and atmosphere.

Melbourne has electric trams and their power lines add and extra opportunity to play with the design of my artwork.

The painting was done on a quarter sheet of  Arches 300gsm cold pressed paper.

The photo I took of this scene was taken very early in the morning with the sun almost directly into the camera so all the colors where quite muted. This suits me fine as I am more interested in tones, space and atmosphere when I paint watercolors.

Happy painting,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Painting a fog and mist filled landscape

Mt Hotham in the Victorian Ski fields
I have just posted my latest watercolor demonstration of a fog and mist filled Australian alpine landscape.

You can find it at this location on my PaintingWithWatercolors website: How to paint and fog and mist filled landscape.

The photo above is the reference I used for the demonstration. I moved things around to create the type of painting I was after which was really to capture the calm atmospheric feeling of this scene.

I am quite happy with the result.

Happy painting

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wet and Misty, Mt Hotham, Victoria

Wet and Misty, Mt Hotham, Victoria
This is one of my recent paintings and will become the next demonstration I post on my Painting with Watercolors site in about one week.

Mt Hotham is a ski resort town in Victoria, Australia and the day I was visiting it it was covered in mist and light rain which inspired this watercolor painting.

Happy painting,

Joe Cartwright

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Watercolor Painting Book

I have been overseas for the past month so my posting has been non existent during that time so I figured I had better catch up.

My main news is that I have been writing a book about painting with watercolors. It is basically a manual of what I have learnt and what I teach my students with regard to watercolor painting, along with lots of images of my paintings as references. So far I have written about 30,000 words and have about another 5,000 to go. This will hopefully result in a book of about 130 pages once images are included. I will initially make it available in electronic format but I am also considering producing a printed version as well. A lot of the material will still be on my Painting With Watercolors web site but this will be a lot more concise, convenient and obviously advertisement free! Still lots to sort out, not the least of which is the actual layout, price and distribution. It has been very useful for me already in helping to clarify just what I consider important to my way of painting with watercolor and what is not. Anyway I will keep you updated on progress.

Happy painting,