Saturday, February 25, 2012

San Diego Harbor Watercolor Painting Rising Mist

Latest Watercolor Painting Demonstration

Figure 1: Watercolor painting demonstration of boats and early morning rising mist

This is my latest watercolor demonstration painting which I have loaded onto my PaintingWithWatercolors wetsite. 

The painting is titled "Rising Mist" and is of an early morning scene on San Diego harbor with the mist rising. It is based on a photo my wife took a number of years ago as she was sailing out of the harbor on the way down to Mexico.

You can find the demonstration at this link: Rising Mist boat and sea watercolor demonstration
The demonstration takes you from the initial photographic inspiration, through how to draw boats and objects into the light, the initial wet on wet under wash, how to create a mist effect with watercolor paint, painting boat details and finishing with how to paint the reflections on the water.

I hope you find it of interest and use!

Happy painting,

Joe Cartwright

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pen, Ink and Wash Street Scene demonstration

The above is a speeded up version of a Pen, Ink and Wash painting I did recently. I will probably post the real time version after I finish editing it.

I like to paint with pen and ink as it allows me to play with a full range of tones without getting too tight. Drawing directly onto my paper with the pen means I have to look before I draw and then just leave it and go on with the next line or wash - it makes for a freer and faster painting.

Pen, Wash  and Ink complements watercolor as it is a very liquid medium but without the problems of potentially creating mud. I often have my students do some pen and ink work interspersed with their regular watercolor paintings. I also find it a great medium for travelling as the gear takes up very little space and can be set up quickly

Anyway this sped up version is a bit of fun which I thought you might like to have a look at. The actual time for this Pen, Ink and Wash street scene painting was about 60 minutes.

Happy painting,


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sydney Harbor my latest watercolor painting

Sydney Harbor my latest watercolor painting project

This is my current watercolor painting project which I am working on to enter in the Sydney Royal Easter show in about 6 weeks. I have been thinking about how to tackle it for some time as it has way more detail in the scene than I normally like to put into my watercolor paintings. For the distance (North Sydney) across the harbor I will just paint over the pencil marks with a varied watercolor wash so as not to bring it forward - and so I don't go crazy with all the detail!

My photo reference was taken from the Island Shangri La Hotel, a big hotel at The Rocks, in Sydney, about two years ago.

I want this to be a sunset scene (sun sets on the left of the painting) so I can play up the lights and darks. I have not drawn in a lot of the detail on the Sydney Harbor Bridge as I will do the last of that directly with the watercolor.

Happy painting,