Monday, February 13, 2012

Sydney Harbor my latest watercolor painting

Sydney Harbor my latest watercolor painting project

This is my current watercolor painting project which I am working on to enter in the Sydney Royal Easter show in about 6 weeks. I have been thinking about how to tackle it for some time as it has way more detail in the scene than I normally like to put into my watercolor paintings. For the distance (North Sydney) across the harbor I will just paint over the pencil marks with a varied watercolor wash so as not to bring it forward - and so I don't go crazy with all the detail!

My photo reference was taken from the Island Shangri La Hotel, a big hotel at The Rocks, in Sydney, about two years ago.

I want this to be a sunset scene (sun sets on the left of the painting) so I can play up the lights and darks. I have not drawn in a lot of the detail on the Sydney Harbor Bridge as I will do the last of that directly with the watercolor.

Happy painting,



Studio at the Farm said...

I look forward to seeing the development of your painting.

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