Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pen, Ink and Wash Street Scene demonstration

The above is a speeded up version of a Pen, Ink and Wash painting I did recently. I will probably post the real time version after I finish editing it.

I like to paint with pen and ink as it allows me to play with a full range of tones without getting too tight. Drawing directly onto my paper with the pen means I have to look before I draw and then just leave it and go on with the next line or wash - it makes for a freer and faster painting.

Pen, Wash  and Ink complements watercolor as it is a very liquid medium but without the problems of potentially creating mud. I often have my students do some pen and ink work interspersed with their regular watercolor paintings. I also find it a great medium for travelling as the gear takes up very little space and can be set up quickly

Anyway this sped up version is a bit of fun which I thought you might like to have a look at. The actual time for this Pen, Ink and Wash street scene painting was about 60 minutes.

Happy painting,


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