Saturday, February 25, 2012

San Diego Harbor Watercolor Painting Rising Mist

Latest Watercolor Painting Demonstration

Figure 1: Watercolor painting demonstration of boats and early morning rising mist

This is my latest watercolor demonstration painting which I have loaded onto my PaintingWithWatercolors wetsite. 

The painting is titled "Rising Mist" and is of an early morning scene on San Diego harbor with the mist rising. It is based on a photo my wife took a number of years ago as she was sailing out of the harbor on the way down to Mexico.

You can find the demonstration at this link: Rising Mist boat and sea watercolor demonstration
The demonstration takes you from the initial photographic inspiration, through how to draw boats and objects into the light, the initial wet on wet under wash, how to create a mist effect with watercolor paint, painting boat details and finishing with how to paint the reflections on the water.

I hope you find it of interest and use!

Happy painting,

Joe Cartwright

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