Monday, April 2, 2012

Sydney Harbour to the West

I have finished this painting, for which I posted the drawing some time ago, and have entered it into the Sydney Easter Show.
Watercolor Painting for Sydney harbor viewed to the west
Haven't posted for some time so thought this would be a painting you might like to look at. It was painted on Arches Cold Press (Medium) 300 gsm paper using a full sheet.

After finishing the painting I realised all the cars were way to small so I had to spend a couple of days carefully lifting out the old ones and painting the new bigger ones back in. This is the final version.

To put things in perspective the Sydney harbor bridge is about one mile long so the distant shore is a long way away.

I intend to paint this scene a few times, playing with the light for different effects and with varying levels of detail.

For now I will have a break from it and paint some other subject. All told it took me over a week to finish this watercolor painting which is a lot longer than I normally like to take but sometimes it just can't be helped for the subject being tackled.

I intend to publish this painting as a demonstration on my Painting With Watercolors website in the future.

Happy painting,


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